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Knowledge management in any organization and activity has become the key factor for success and competitiveness. For this it is necessary to integrate three essential activities:
  • Implement knowledge distribution tools within each organization specially designed for that purpose.
  • To make available and manage the necessary contents
  • To have management tools, segmentation and integration of functionalities that guarantee the follow-up of the objectives sought
Technological platforms for content distribution

Exclusive development of platforms that integrate the standardization of a wide range of functions and features with the possibility of customization according to customer criteria. Developed under the exclusive concept of WebMicroBroadcasting so that the communication and broadcasting of messages (Broadcasting) at the point of contact with the users (Micro) is part of a global communication strategy through the Internet (Web).


WinBox Media Platform

First platform that allows to generate private corporate TV channels, both on-site and virtual, integrating a powerful content manager, a wide range of functionalities to intervene from its virtual console, integration of live broadcasts, monitoring and remote management of multimedia players (WinBox).

OTT10 Platform: Multimedia-OTT

Immediately and easily create media libraries and webTV (over-the-top solutions), as independent web pages or as multimedia modules of the customer’s web site, to reinforce the multimedia dimension of the latter and to have its own audiovisual environments.

MyZoneGO platform

The only platform designed to fully manage knowledge in organizations with the integration of training and education processes for employees and collaborators, virtual classrooms, seminars and workshops, information and education of users and customers, marketing and sales processes for product information management (PIM) and customer service, information management with direct and indirect sales networks, …

Strategic Divisions

Windows Channel has four strategic divisions to turn technology platforms into tailored solutions for each customer.

Producer of audiovisual content and graphic design with the best professional capabilities in all stages of audiovisual production: recording, editing, animation, post-production, sound and voice over. Generation of the largest video library available to customers and thus have complementary videos that expand the variety of their information strategies. Experts in broadcasting virtual events with the technical support of the TekTeam team.


Development, updating and maintenance of Windows Channel platforms as the basis of the products and services offered. Adaptation to customer requirements. Technical support of the solutions implemented at customer’s facilities (corporate TV channels), as experts in structured cabling, IPTV and video transmission.


In Windows Channel we have specifically developed our own work methodology for the management of corporate TV channels (TVlogic). Integrating the best experiences for the optimal use of win10 and myzonego platforms, guarantees that the support of Windows Channel is a key differentiating factor

Ideas & Facts

Consulting focused on the analysis, development and reorientation of knowledge management in organizations. Our sectorial audits to measure the presence of the different organizations in social networks by sector provide very useful and competitive information to our clients



We integrated the six key processes in knowledge management: patient information in waiting rooms and information points, virtual patient information and education, virtual environments to empower chronic patients in the management of their diseases, talent management (induction and training), professional and managerial development, events and outreach activities, corporate events, and turning corporate social responsibility into an integration and motivation factor


Identification of key processes to intervene in a personalized way: virtual classrooms, virtual education as a complement and extension of face-to-face activity, extracurricular activities, information and education of parents, internal training and education, alumni, Board of Directors, events, ...

Training, coaching and training

Identification of the five most important processes: virtual classrooms, virtual education as a complement and extension of face-to-face activity, activities and management of content and support materials, reinforcement and updating activities (continuous training), applications and experiences


Intervention in the processes in which knowledge management takes shape in each organization, such as, for example, employee education and training, professional development of management managers, product information management (PIM) within the organization, information management in sales and customer service processes, corporate social responsibility, corporate events,...


Corporate TV Channels

Web TV


Virtual Classrooms

Graphic Design


OLAS Virtual Offices

WEB Pages

Private Groups

Social Networks

Event broadcasting

Audiovisual production

Broadcast hours
Videos produced
Production hours
Visits OTT platforms

FollowMe24 platform

The first as-a-service mobile Wayfinding platform

Complex buildings become real labyrinths where it is increasingly difficult to move around. The difficulty of finding certain places generates discomfort, stress, loss of time, and, on many occasions, being late for appointments.

If the person is on the move, why display the directions of orientation in static environments?

No apps

No maps

No beacons

Without installing equipment

Main benefits

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

2.Facilitates time management

3. Stimulates user closeness


The Windows Channel group is present in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, United States and Dominican Republic with the vocation of generating innovative services and solutions in the area of information, communication and knowledge management, with a great experience in the health sector, education, training and corporate solutions.

We develop unique technological platforms that allow to control and manage specifically the distribution of knowledge in each organization with its users and/or clients. Because we know that the life cycle of technology is becoming shorter and shorter, we strive to always offer the latest features and continuous improvements.

At the same time, when we talk about knowledge, we talk about content. That is why we are a multimedia production company specialized in the generation of videos and multimedia pieces.

And finally, we are aware that the resources of any organization need to be focused on its core business. That is why we take care of the management of platforms and contents so that our clients do not lose focus of their efforts.

In Windows Channel we have, therefore, five profiles of professionals:

  • Software and application developers, network and server technicians (TekTeam).
  • Editors, audiovisual producers and graphic designers (Factory). Experts in recording and live virtual broadcasts (Factory).
  • Experts in digital and virtual communication and CMS management (Customers).
  • Knowledge management consultants (Ideas & Facts).

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