Windows Channel is the only company that provides with complete solutions of communication.

  • Searching to develop the communication between the provider and their clientes going beyong the mere information and publicity.
  • Implementing tools of communication for the develepol of an strategy of communication en two complementary dimensions.


Ideas & Facts

Our current dilemma is to provide the tools of effective and efficient communications that can go beyond the merely publicitary soports. Being always audiovisual and bidirectional.

Our Solution

  • Generic portal of communication Windows Channel
  • Our Portals of videos on the internet

AIOHTTP Red Salud 2020

Do you want to know what has happened in 2020 with the pages of health organizations in Colombia on social networks? How have they grown?

What is the position of each of them? How are the more than 5 million Colombians who follow them distributed?

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