In Windows Channel we have the biggest vide library with videos about health, healthy lifestyle, ecology, care for the environment, mental attiude, physical activity. Also generic content like: Did you know?, curiosities, tips, reflections, relaxing videos. With the adecuate visual codes to be seen at the waiting areas and encounter points of our clients. Because we know that the key to the communication are the media content, at windows channel we are developing in a continuous effort of production to make sure that each and every one of our clients can use the content that goes best with them. Winbox Channel Factory The technology acquires his true meaning through the media content and messages. Windows Channel Factory is an integral producer that develops ideas and innovating conceps or companies and institutions. Based on the resultant synergy of the coordinated work of his diffetent areas, Windows Channel Factory guarantees their clientes efectivity in the communication. Windows Channel Factory, is in charge of the develop of media content that complementing the Windows Channel’s platforms, are adapted to the needs of the clients under their criteria and efficiency.

AIOHTTP Red Salud 2020

Do you want to know what has happened in 2020 with the pages of health organizations in Colombia on social networks? How have they grown?

What is the position of each of them? How are the more than 5 million Colombians who follow them distributed?

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